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Mono & Dinitration Safety Conference


The Mono & Dinitration Safety Conference (MDSC) was established in 2020 by ChemOps Insights, LLC of Spring, Texas, USA. The aim in establishing the conference was to create a global forum for industrial producers on the safe production, handling and processing of mono and/or dinitrated compounds. The conference is held in Europe annually around May.


The conference discussions relate to mono and/or dinitrated compounds in its various forms, including precursors and chemicals involved in the manufacturing process. Safety aspects relate to all health and environmental issues in connection with the manufacture, handling and processing of mono and/or dinitrated compounds inside and outside the manufacturing site. One important area of discussion is incidents and near incidents. Historical and recent incidents are reviewed to understand their causes and preventative measures.

Current Membership

The current membership comprises the companies BASF (global), Bondalti (Portugal), BorsodChem (Hungary), Covestro (global), Dow (global), Huntsman (global), Lanxess (global), Mitsui Chemicals (Japan) and Sabic.

Requirements for Membership

In order to attend the annual conference and the associated task force meetings or teleconferences, companies must:

  1. Be an industrial scale manufacturer or processor of mono and/or dinitrated compounds
  2. Pay an annual fee, in advance
  3. Adhere to the terms of the MDSC contract. These include requirements on various aspects of ethical business practice, including confidentiality and observation of the MDSC anti-trust guidelines.

Structure of the Conference and Fees

The general sequence of the annual meetings of the MDSC is as follows:

  • 2 day meeting dedicated to mono and dintration safety issues

Applications for membership:

Please contact the MDSC chairman, Don Pferdehirt, via:

Structure of the Website

The website is divided into two parts:

  • One archived site dedicated to dinitrotoluene (Dinitrotoluene Safety Conference / DSC) and common items from MDSC meetings through 2019.
  • One dedicated to MDSC (Mono & Dinitration Safety Conference). This includes all items from the MDSC starting in 2020 as well as all items from the Mononitrobenzene Safety Conference (MSC) and common items from MDSC meetings through 2019.